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Polymer compound containing dispersed nanofillers. Nanocomposites have shown improvements in both mechanical, thermal and physical properties such as enhanced transparency and barrier properties.

Very small particulate, with at least one dimension in the nanometer range (10-9 M). Used as an additive or reinforcement for polymer systems to provide the materials with enhanced properties.

Nanotube (or Carbon Nanotubes)
Long cylinders of carbon with a wall thickness in the nanometer range (10-9 m). Carbon nanotubes exhibit remarkable tensile strength and provide a broad range of electrical properties.

Nol Ring
A parallel filament wound test specimen used for measuring various mechanical strength properties of the material by testing the entire ring, or segments of it.

Non-Woven Fabric
A textile structure produced by bonding or interlocking of fibers, or both, accomplished by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or solvent means and combinations thereof.